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Friday, May 10, 2013

Psalms chapter 2 Bible StudyPsalm Chapter 2

Psalm Chapter 2

V1  Heathen  Jews consider anyone not Jewish a heathen, God considers anyone that is not obedient to Him as heathen.

Rage  to be tumultuous to be in commotion’ only appears in Psalms 2:1 where it denotes uproar and plotting of the wicked against the righteousness.  The image here is one of a gathering lynch mob.

The first thing evil people do, in protest is to raise their voice level.

Imagine  The same is Psalm 1:2 meditation, only here the meditation is to do evil.  Saying:  eat, sleep, walk and talk evil.  Their planning is worthless, empty and to no purpose.  They have NO fear of God.

V2 Set station, continue, present themselves, remaining, stand-fast
Counsel sit down together, establish, lay for a foundations, instruct.

Imagine that!  These leaders of countries are so impressed with themselves and have not fear of God, that they think they can sit down together--come into agreement--and make plans to fight against God--and more absurdly they think they can win!!
Psalm 93:4; Psalm 24:8(all the chapter) Psalm 50:1-6; Psalm 31:1-3; Psalm 61:1-4; Psalm 71:1-7 Psalm 89:1-8
That is why it is a vain thing--worthless; to no purpose, because they can NOT win against.

V3 Bands restraints, cord-something intwined; rope; chain.  Evil people don’t want any restraints.  Galatians 5:14-25, 1Corinthians 13 Ephesians 5:9-10 Romans 8:4-5.  But the things we are not to do they want to live in and not be found guilty.

V 4  He who sits in the Heavens shall laugh.  Jewish Bible says “Adonai looks at them in derision”.  He looks at them as if they are foreign and/or mockingly.  His Words are unintelligible to them because they are not hearing; they don’t want to hear ergo they cannot understand.
Job 21:7-21  Ever feel like Job?  Thinking nothing ever goes wrong with or to the evil people?  Their end lis NOT glorious!!  Isaiah 17:12-14.  The nations will roar like the mighty oceans.  The ocean is very powerful.  The waves are loud and crashing, BUT on the contrary they will flee at His rebuke as chaff is blown away, as mountain winds carry away the clouds.
Psalm 37:1, 7-11 fret not yourself
Psalm 35:5-6 as chaff
Isaiah 29:5 small dust
Hosea 13:3

V 5  Then He shall speak--to command and vex, affrighted, troubled
Jewish Bible--”He terrifies them in His anger”

V6 Jesus:  King--set = Anointed, to cast like metal = crowned, Anointed King         Lord

V7 Prophecy of coming Messiah
Acts 13:33, Hebrews 1:5-6, Hebrews 5:5

V8  Acts 1:8, Psalm 22:27-All ends of the world,
Psalm 72:8       
Psalm 89:27    dominion of the Messiah
Daniel 7:13-14
John 17:4-5
*2 Peter 3:9

V9 Rod of iron-harsh punish--end times prophecy Revelation 2:27, 12:5, 19:6

V10 punishment is coming if no repentance 1Timothy 2:1-6---This is OUR job!

V11 Fear--moral, reverence

13 things this fear does.  This fear is:

  viewed as a positive quality
  acknowledges God’s good intentions  Exodus 20:20
  produced by God’s Word  Psalm 119:38, Proverbs 2:1-6
  makes a person receptive to wisdom and knowledge Proverbs 1:7, 9:10
  identified with wisdom  Job 28:28 Proverbs 15:33
  May be lost by despair by ones own situation Job 6:14
  or envy of sinners  Proverbs 23:17
  restrains people from sinning  Genesis 20:11, Exodus 20:20, Nehemiah 5:9
  Gives confidence Job 4:6, Proverbs 14:26
  helps rulers and causes judges to act justly  2Samuel 23:3, 2Chronicles 19:9, Nehemiah 5:15
  Results in good sleep Proverbs 19:23
  with humility leads to honor and life  Proverbs 22:4
  fear of Israel that would fall on other nations Deuteronomy 2:25

Other Verses about the fear of the Lord:
Proverbs  1:7, 29; 8:13; 9:10; 10:27; 14:26-27; 15:16, 33; 16:6;  19:23; 22:4; 23:17.  Psalm 19:9; 34:4; 90:11;  111:10; 119:38.  Isaiah 7:25; 11:2-3; 29:13;  33:6; 63:17.

V12  Kiss  no romantic implications at all.  It is:
  express exceptance of a person
  the worship of the Messiah
  reverence, respectful

It means to honor the Son  John 5:23. 
Other examples of honor:  Genesis 41:4  Pharaoh placed Joseph over all Egypt; no one was higher than him except Pharaoh.  1Samuel 10:1 Samuel anointed Saul

Perish  to wander away/ to lose oneself, leads to destruction, to fail

Wrath  nostrils, hens the face, also rapid breathing in passion, ire anger, angry, countenance, wrath.  These are all used together in Proverbs 30:33.  this is the wrath in Psalm 2:12 and Revelation 6:16-17.
Long nose=slow to anger
Short nose= quick to anger

The anger of the Lord is often a topic in the OT, which shows how reluctant the Lord is to exercise His anger and how fierce His anger is or can be.

Trust  to flee, to for protection; to confide in; to have hope in (the Lord); make or to take refuge (in the Lord).  Isaiah 40:10-12

Trust verses:
Psalm 34:8; Psalm 84:12
Proverbs 16:20
Isaiah 30:18
Jeremiah 17: 7-8
Romans 9:33
    Psalm 118:22
    Romans 10:11
    1Peter 2:3-7

Study in Psalms

I have the privilege of teaching a ladies' Bible  in our church.  Our pastor's wife had asked me a few months ago if I would do this.  I knew this is something the Lord wanted me to do and I knew He wanted me to teach in the Psalms.  So I agreed and what a blessing it has been!  I am learning so much and being strengthened daily as I purposely study these wonderful Psalms which are prayers and worship.  Many of them are King David's some are written by other people. 

We have just finished Psalm chapter 2 and as I was typing out my notes I feel the Lord wanting me to share them with you.  So as I finish each lesson I will be posting them here on my blog along with questions that I have written to go along with each lesson.  I will post them here but I will also have them in PDF format so you can download them for you to take your time with.  It is important to read God's Word, not to see how much you can read at a time, but for content and with purpose.  If you have any questions, please feel free to write me at the address located under my profile.  Make sure you write in the subject line "Bible study"  so I know you note is not spam.

It is important to know the Lord in a real and personal way and it is my prayer and hope to help anyone who wants help to get to know Him.  He loves you so very much!  Please get to know Him!  God bless.  Emmy

Here is chapter one:

Study Notes for Psalm Chapter One

V-1 Blessed  This particular blessed is always used of people and never used of God.  This term used to describe a person or nation who enjoys a relationship with God.  In the classical greek it means fully satisfied because of the indwelling of Christ, not because of favorable circumstances.  God told Paul--”My grace is sufficient for you.”  II Corinthians 12:9.

Verse one talks about 3 groups of people, 3 types of decisions, and 3 positions.

Types of people:

Ungodly:  bad person, wicked, in the wrong.  This word indicates people who are enemies of God and His people.  they are evil and do NOT learn righteousness.  Instead they pursue their wicked ways among the righteous.  Numbers 16:26  Proverbs 4:14-16, Proverbs 1:10-19

Sinners:  Is a criminal.  This noun describes those, who by their actions, are under the wrath and judgment of God and will face ultimate destruction.  The influence of these people are to be avoided.  They do not necessarily fight against God and His people, in fact, many will say they believe in God and/or just don’t want anything to do with Him.  They won’t follow Him  Genesis 13:13  Psalms 104:35  Isaiah 1:28

Scornful:  to make mouths at.  These are people who cause a great deal of pain to others.  The word means to mock, to deride.  Deride means to laugh at with contempt, to laugh at with scorn.  Scorn means to disgrace, to make an object of insult, to mock, to make sport of someone.  The scorner is an abomination to people.  Proverbs 24:9  An abomination is anything(one) that is offensive--something disgusting.  These people make themselves to be an idol.

Both Job and the Psalmist, David, express pain by these people.  Job 16:20 and Psalm 119:51.  The WILL reap what they have sown  Proverbs 3:34

3 types of decisions (I call it this for a lack of a better term)  Either of these 3 types can be good or evil.

Counsel (of the ungodly):  Suggests the idea of a plot  Nehemiah 4:15  advice, purpose  These people are subtle to make suggestions and to even be blatantly make statements against God and His people.  The actively work to end the existence of the Jews, Christians, and even God Himself

Way (of sinners):  This is a course of life, a road, or mode of actions.  This refers to the pathway way of one’s life,  suggesting a pattern of life.  Contrast:

    wicked life                obedient life
    ways of darkness        righteous life
    criminal                pleasant ways
    chaotic, chaos            self-controlled life
    very unwise            wise ways           

Seat (of scorners):  This is a place of judgment, a session, assembly.  They draw other in their criticism of others.  They are very slick and subtle.  This notion gives rise to this word is that of remaining or abiding in a given location--such as the place of judgment, scorning, mockery.  Psalm 132:13-14 referring to the Lord.

3 different positions:  These also can be use for good or evil

Walk (of the ungodly):  This verb is a mode of action.  It means to follow after like a son walk in the ways of his father.  Israel and Christians are commanded to walk in the ways of the Lord and not after other gods.   The ungodly works to make disciples for themselves to work against God and His people.  The government, for example, are making laws to silence Christians and the Jews.

Stand (before the sinners):  This term means to be employed, submissive.  to be inactive--in other words to surrender ones will to another.  The Jewish Bible says “stand ON the way”.  We are to avoid these evil people and must be active to guard against them.  Galatians 5:19-26 Proverbs 4:14-27 Romans 1:18

Sit (with scorners):  To sit down: as to judge, in ambush.  This person’s position is as a judge, it indicates as one who sits with scoffers.

Verse one summary:

Do NOT follow after a plot given by people in the wrong, who are enemies of God and His people.  They are evil and do not learn righteousness.  Instead they pursue their own wicked ways among the righteous to discourage them and to get them to change from following God.  They also would get RID of the Jews, Christians and God Himself if they could.
Do NOT be employed by those who choose a pathway of life of that of a criminal, who is under the wrath and judgement of God.  They have chosen a course of life to not acknowledge God at all.  We are to avoid them!
Do NOT sit in judgment or in ambush with those who seek to cause pain to others by laughing at them, to disgrace them, to mock them, to insult them or to make sport of them.  They are an abomination and disgusting.  Proverbs 24:9

V-2  Delight to find pleasure and value in.  To desire.
The Jewish Bible say God’s law means God’s teachings.  We are to meditate which means to ponder (think about) to murmur, to imagine.  We are to not only hear God’s Word but we are to think about it and say it out loud so we can hear ourselves speaking it.  We are also to use our imagination to see His Word working in our lives.

Read the Bible, not just to read words, but for content--to hear what God has to say to you personally, as an individual, to YOU, a person He wants to communicate with.  Make what apart of your being. 

That is what means to meditate on His Word.

David made it his prayer:  “Make me to go in the path of Your commandments; for therein do I delight.”

Psalm 119:35 “Make me to go in the path of your commandments; for therein do I delight.”  To think about His Word so much it consume you night and day and looking forward to delving in again.  It is like drinking water:  The more you drink, the more you want.

Psalm 119 are divided up in sections of 8 verses each.  Each starts with a Hebrew letter and in the Hebrew each verse in that section begins with that letter.  All the verses contain words that refer to God’s Word, such as ‘law’, ‘statute’, ‘testimonies’, ‘precepts’, etc.

Jeremiah 4:2        Zechariah 8:7-8            John 8:31-32
John 14:6            John 14:15-21 & 26        John 16:13-16
II Timothy 2:15        Zephaniah 2:3

V-3  A tree planted by a river has roots that go down deep.  Jeremiah 17:7-8.  Practicality in our lives:

spreads out her roots by the river.  This qualities of this not easily moved in a storm, stability, food source, grows strong and is not week
does not notice when it is very hot--when the ‘heat is on’ and will not be moved because she knows her God will not leave her nor forsake her-Hebrews 13:5.  She knows God will meet ALL her needs Philippians 4:19.  She know God will keep all His promises!
Abraham Genesis 22:1-14.  How could Abraham do this--without fear or concern?  Because he knew His God--he had already proved Him.  Psalm 34:8 IPeter 2:3
leaf is always green--prosperous.   IIIJohn 2  The Lord will lead you.
you shall not have a lack Philippians 4:19
Shall not be careful when there is a drought--nothing changes
neither shall you cease from yielding fruit  Psalms 1:3
whatsoever you do shall prosper

Our stability has nothing to do with the world, the government, with any other person, or the economy.  It has to do with our relationship with God through Jesus and our trust in Him.  Our trust/faith comes:
by hearing Romans 10:17.  The best way to hear is to hear yourself saying it--murmur, or meditate.
prove the Lord.  Malachi 3:10-11 (6-11)

Chaff is the husk that encases the wheat kernel.  The wheat head was put into a basket and shook to loosen the husk.  The wheat head is then tossed into the air where the wind catches the husks and blows them away because they were so light in weight--nothing to it, like the ungodly Job 21:7-21. 

It seems, sometimes, like evil people are getting away “with it”.  But they are not.  Even if they go through this life with nothing bad happens to them--it will.  Psalm 37:1 Fret not yourself because of evildoers, neither be  envious against the workers of iniquity.  2 For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.  3  Trust in the Lord, and do good, so shall you dwell in the land, and verily you shall be fed. 

READ ALL of Psalm 37

V-5 actually it should read “stand-up to the judgment”  Judgment means to measure, to sentence.

The Jewish Bible says, “For this reason the wicked won’t stand up to the judgment nor will sinners.”

When it comes time for all of us to stand before the Lord, the wicked an sinners will be ‘blown-away’ like the chaff.  They will have do defense.  BUT Christians are covered by Jesus’ blood and will be able to stand because Jesus is our defense.  He paid the price for our sin and we received Him only as Savior but as Lord.  Our judgment has been deferred Matthew 25:21

V-6  Read:  Nahum 1:7 IITimothy 2:19  Psalms 37:18

Dates Added

I just added dates to the patterns under "Links to my patterns" so you will know where to find the tutorials that go with them. Please find the tutorials under the year, month and day listed next to the pattern listed. Thanks and enjoy! If you have any questions please feel free to write me at the address in my profile.

Remember these are my own patterns that I drew the patterns for and wrote the tutorials for. I offer these patterns for free for you to make for yourself, as gifts, or even to sell BUT please do NOT claim my patterns as your own or put them on your website. You may put a link to my site on your website. Please be respectful. You would want the same respect for your patterns. Thank you. God bless.

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